Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier alias the ‘Society of Pilar’ is an indigenous Christian Organization, founded in Goa in 1887 by Rev. Fr. Bento Martins a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Goa Daman and Diu. The sole aim of the Society is to share the Gospel of true human well-being as proclaimed by Jesus Christ. Initially, the activity of its members was confined to the boundaries of Goa and its surrounding areas. However, in 1939, the Society received a new thrust and vitality, and from then on its members ventured to work far and wide in different parts of India, zealously spreading the Gospel values. One of the focuses of the Society’s work has been in the field of education. Today the Society of Pilar has about 60 Residential Units and counts about 450 members working in several parts of India from Jammu in the North to Chennai in the South, from Gujarat and Mumbai in the West to far–off Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the East, and even abroad. The Society runs Schools and Colleges and several Hostels and Orphanages, besides engaging in other social welfare activities.

The Kolkata Province of the Society of Pilar, of which Fr. Agnel Co-Ed. Senior Secondary School, Gondipura is an integral part, has 25 residential units and about hundred and three members. The Province of Kolkata is one of the four Provinces of the Society of Pilar constituted in July 2004, which commits itself to the services of the Society in thirteen States and two Union Territories of India. The Pilar Fathers, however, have been working in these areas since 1950.