1. At Fr. Agnel’s we provide a range of opportunities for our pupils to learn and develop, both in and out of school. Pupils’ interest and talents are encouraged on the playing field, in the performing arts, and in the local and wider communities.
  2. Pupils at the school are encouraged to take part in sports and games where valuable lessons of physical well being and collaboration can be learned. All pupils have an opportunity to take part in residential trips and visits for education purposes from Class VIII onwards. They visit galleries and museums and places of civic importance as part of the curriculum.
  3. In line with the school’s commitment to the needs of individual pupils, all subjects within the National Curriculum are open to both boys and girls on an equal basis. We are also very much aware of the current national trends in the examination results of boys and girls and we are conscious of ensuring equality of entitlement and opportunity for both boys and girls.
  4. We have a School Council with boy and girl representatives elected from each class. The council meets quarterly to discuss a whole range of issues which reflect the needs of the students in their classes. The children are encouraged to view themselves as active citizens who can share ideas and inform the change process in their school.
  5. We believe that we should set high standards of behaviour and expect positive attitudes and contributions from the pupils towards the life and work of the school.

    • Foster the conditions and atmosphere necessary for effective learning.

    • Develop positive attitudes to school-work and promote academic success.

    • Encourage positive and caring attitudes to all members of the community.

    • Set high standards of personal appearance and cleanliness within the school.