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  • For students from Std. I to XI there are two Unit Tests and two terminal examinations. These tests and examinations form an integral part of the School assessment policy. For Std. XII there will be one unit test, one terminal examination and one preparatory examination prior to the Board examination conducted by C.B.S.E. DELHI.
  • If a student fails to appear in a test, he /she will not be awarded any marks and the result will be calculated accordingly. No exception will be made in any case. No re-test will be conducted either.
  • The School follows grading system for Junior School, i.e. from Std. LKG to VIII.
  • In addition, a continuous assessment of the pupil is carried out throughout the academic session to evaluate his /her performance in day-to-day academic and extra-curricular activities. Hence, the students are expected to be regular in attendance and timely submission of work.
  • Stationery for Examination (Std I-XII): Parents should provide their child/ward with the following stationery. a) For all subjects: A pencil, eraser, scale, sharpener, fountain pens, blotting paper, geometry box, colour pencils (for Std V and above). b) For Drawing: A crayon box (Std. I, II and III), colours, brushes, colour palette and a water container (Std. IV and above). (No borrowing and lending of stationery will be permitted during the exams)