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An Agnelites is expected to dress modestly and in good taste during School and any School functions. Students must be neat, clean and well groomed at all times-during and after School hours-while on campus and at all School related functions. It is important that students keep in mind that they serve as ambassadors for Fr. Agnel Co.Ed Senior Secondary School. In keeping with these principles, students at Fr. Agnel Co. Ed. Senior Secondary School are required to wear uniforms, and every student who accepts a place in the Agnelites student body agrees to abide by the uniform guidelines. The School uniform is compulsory for daily classes and School functions. This will ensure uniformity in the quality and colour shade of the material. The School rules regarding uniform must be strictly adhered to with regard to the following:-
  • The School Uniform is to be worn on all School days and for all School functions. Parents should see that their son/daughter does not wear the uniform outside the School hours, when he/she is at home or elsewhere.
  • All the students, while they visit the School premises, must wear the School uniform even if they are visiting for any specific reasons such as PTSM, clarification of doubts, visiting the office or meeting a specific teacher.
  • During Evaluations all the students must wear the School uniform.
  • On School days no jewellery is permitted for girls except, small studs or ear rings worn close to the ear-lobes. No Danglers and multiple piercing of the ear-lobes are allowed.
  • The students are strictly directed, not to keep long nails or polish them with nail paint/enamel.
  • The sports uniform must be worn on Thursdays.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to dye their hair.
  • No student shall ever come to the School with any sort of hand decorations and tattoos.
  • No girl, while she is a student of the School, shall prune her eye-brows by way of tweezing or threading.

Violation of the dress code for School uniform is a serious offence and is duly punishable. Students without their proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the class unless accompanied by a note duly signed by the Parent.