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  (Debate, Quiz, Elocution, Group-discussion, Co-Scholastic (Outdoor and Indoor Sports, Yoga, Meditation, School Music Band, Western and Indian Dance, Drama, Gardening, Flower Making, Clay Modeling, Paper craft, Martial Arts, Aerobics, Sketching and Painting, Wealth out of waste project, Environment Club, Neighbourhood Ministry)

  • Technical Workshop – For Std IX & X

  • Martial Arts (VI - VIII is optional)

  • Educational Tour:In order to complement classroom teaching with real life experience, students undertake field trips on a regular basis. Visits to museums, factories and wildlife sanctuaries all form part of a structured programme of tours and trips where pupils get an opportunity to balance theory with practice. A number of additional excursions, including picnics are also part of the planned curriculum. In the company of friends students discover and enjoy new experience of watching people, institutions, monuments, places of scientific and historical importance etc.

  • Exhibitions:Art and Craft as well as Science Exhibition are held every year to give expression for the creativity and scientific ideas of the students. The school hosts a variety of such events and activities each year organized with the help of students, in which parents may also participate and attend. The school holds an annual performance which provides opportunities for students to gain confidence and develop their presentation skills. The students also organize exhibitions, where students showcase project work.

  • Creative and Performing Arts:Through Creative Arts courses, students are encouraged to explore their creative talents and find ways of creative expression through a variety of mediums that include clay, fabrics, paper and paints. Music and the performing arts, including public speaking, also play an integral role in helping students explore new and creative ways of expression. The school offers ample opportunities in creative and performing arts.

  • Music & Dance:Training of Vocal as well as instrumental music is provided according to the taste and interest of the students from Std. I to XII. 'Indian classical' and 'western dance' are taught in the school by experts to train, guide and help those students interested in this form of art.

  • School Band:Students interested in various musical instruments are given special training to join the school band.

  • Yoga:Yoga in Schools’ mission is to empower students and teachers with yoga-inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness.

  • Art and Painting
  • Interschool competition:The school regularly conducts and participates in many Inter-School Cultural Activities. Adequate training is provided to help children compete with knowledge, skill and expertise.

  • Intra School Competition:Scholastic and non-scholastic competitions conducted among various schools in the vicinity provides adequate exposure for students to test their skills and caliber in direct competition with the student world outside their own. In also trains students to interact and live amicably with students from other schools.