Following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ His disciples went all over the world preaching the Good News and teaching universal values to build God’s kingdom here on earth. Fr. Agnel CoO-Ed. Senior Secondary School is just an extension of this very same commission.

The Society of Pilar an indigenous Christian organization right from its inception in the year 1886 has been rendering its services specifically to the poor and the marginalized of its Mother-land India in multifarious areas and specifically in the field of Education. The Society today runs numerous Educational Institutions right from down south Chennai in Tamil Nadu to Bathinda and Hissar in Punjab-Haryana of north-India.

It was late back in 1986 when I came to Bhopal that I cherished the dream of educating the children here especially keeping in mind those for whom the School was a distant dream. Moreover Education today as always has never been merely for a privileged few but a precious right of each and every child. As a Christian Institution it is our firm conviction that only through pure education, one which strives not after worldly knowledge and futile pursuits, but Divine Wisdom that we can build a community, a family…

Today after 25 years of having planted a small seed the tree has taken deep roots and spread its branches wide. I am proud that today thousands of children are studying in our three schools in Bhopal, and while thousands down the years will cherish having been an Agnelites.

May, “Wisdom Triumph” in our pursuit for a better World!