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Dear parents, thank you for showing interest in admitting your child to Fr. Agnel Co Ed Sr. Sec School. Few Decisions are more important than the choice of the right school for your child and the school website provides you with a glimpse of what our school has to offer. We firmly affirm that our school offers an educational experience with confidence to play a leading role in tomorrow’s society. We constantly work to provide our students a learning environment in which they will have many opportunities to excel and distinguish themselves in academics.

Academic excellence along with co curricular activities has been hall mark of Fr. Agnel Co Ed Sr. Sec. School. As someone rightly said that “the aim of education is the knowledge not of fact but of values”. We provide a solid platform to our children to showcase their talents and discover a new facet of their personality.

Any Children require for their growth not only food and shelter, but also the various social emotional experiences that come from love and affection shown to them and also the training given to them. Intellectual and social developments of children depend on a large extent not only on the brain inherited, but also on the environmental opportunities available. We promise to give our students the best of the worlds, school as well as home. We work hard to infuse in them a liberal spirit of spirituality, to nurture their physical, intellectual and aesthetic beauty. Let us remember that “all human beings are born with unique gifts and the healthy functioning of our community depends on its capacity to develop each gift.”

Finally let me thank our parents, our teaching staff, and students for their connectivity and support and I wish all of them rewarding and enriching experience in Fr. Agnel Co Ed. Sr. Sec. School.