All prospective candidates seeking admission to any Class are required to register their names in the School Office. The dates of Registration will be intimated to the Parents/Guardians at an appropriate time.

The School is open for admission to both boys and girls irrespective of caste and creed, provided the child fulfills the requirements, and the parents are ready to abide by the rules and regulations set by the School Management. Admission to Classes I to IX will be given depending on the number of vacancies available at that time. Parents/Guardians will be informed about the vacancies through a Notice on the School Notice Board. Normally no new admission to Class X and XII will be granted. The School Management reserves to itself the right to make its own Admission policy.

  1. The management reserves to itself, the right of admission.
  2. In considering a candidate for admission, the Admission Performa duly filled and signed by one of the parents, must be submitted to School. If neither of the parents is alive or available, the lawful guardian of the candidate shall sign the form.
  3. A child who has attained the age of 3½ years by the 31st of March of the respective academic year is eligible for admission to the L.K.G. Class. Admission to all higher classes will be determined by this rule.
  4. A child who has previously studied in any other recognized school will have to submit a transfer certificate and a report card from the school last attended. Transfer certificates from a school affiliated to a board other than the CBSE, New Delhi, must be countersigned by the education officer of the concerned District.
  5. Municipal Birth Certificate will have to be submitted for admission of a child who has not attended any recognized school previously. Special attention must be paid to entering correctly, the name and date of birth of the child. Subsequent change may not be permitted.
  6. Admission to any class is finalized strictly on merit, as per the decision of the management and payment of the prescribed fees made thereafter, which once paid will not be refundable.
  7. The pupil will be examined on the syllabus of the Class the candidate having completed seeks admission to and may have to answer the entrance test if the principal so decides. The latter’s decision regarding the entrance test shall be final.
  8. The same day after the selection of the candidates, all fees and other charges must be deposited in the office counter.
  9. Even if admission is granted in any month after April, fee and other charges of the entire term have to be paid.
  10. The caution money is however refundable on withdrawal of a child after giving due notice or on completion of studies in the school, after producing the original receipt within a year, failing which the caution money will be thankfully accepted as a donation to the school.
  11. Before finalizing the admission procedures parents should satisfy themselves of adequate transport arrangement for their children/ wards, as the school does not provide any such facilities.
  12. Section allotment is entirely at the discretion of the school management.
  13. Academically, the school is organized into following sections: Pre-Primary Section (NURSERY — UKG) Primary Section (I — V) Middle Section (VI — VIII) High School Section (IX — X) Senior Secondary (XI — XII)
  14. Promotion from one section to another is not ipso facto guaranteed. Rather, it shall be treated as a new admission and assignment to a particular section as well as class are entirely reserved to the school authorities.
  15. In Std. XI as seats for various streams are limited and thus will be allotted on merit based on the average of one’s performance in class IX and X in Science (Theory) and Maths (Theory) and as far as possible, taking into consideration the choice of the students for a particular stream.

             a. Students with less than 71% (grade B1), average in Maths (Theory) and Science (Theory) in class IX and X are not eligible to apply for                     Science Stream.

             b. Students with less than 61% (grade B2), average in Maths (Theory) and Science (Theory) in class IX and X are not eligible to apply for Commerce with Maths.

             c. Students with less than 60% (grade C1), average in all subjects in class IX and X are advised to opt for Commerce Stream, without Maths as additional subject.

16. A student is admitted to Std. XI if he/she clears his/her class X, C.B.S.E Examination. Continuation of a student in Std. XI will depend on his/her Scholastic and Co-Scholastic performance. A student with unsatisfactory and incorrigible conduct will be advised/expected to leave the School in spite of his/her satisfactory academic performance.