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Our schools promote a climate of mutual trust and solidarity. Collaboration and cooperation are promoted at all levels. Openness and transparency characterize the functioning of the school. Conflict situations are resolved through transparent dialogue and without manipulation so as to arrive at win-win solutions, whenever possible. A systematic nurture of work ethic and high standards of productivity are hallmarks. The campus atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, a happy mix of formality with informality.

  1. Every child is made in the image of God. Education enables the child to realize his/her full potential intellectually; emotionally, physically, spiritually and culturally as a child of God, and therefore part of the Kingdom of God. The characteristics of a Theo-centric Agnel Educational Spirituality is:
    • God consciousness: Promoting the practice of prayer and a respect for plurality.

    • Truth: Transparency in dealings and conviction building.

    • Equality: Non-discrimination and affirmative action for the poor and for under-privileged.

    • Justice: Respecting other people‚Äôs rights and giving each his due and fairness in all dealings.

    • Compassionate Judgment: Being sensitive to the needs of others and situations and an ability to accommodate.

    • Sharing: Reaching out to others and wider engagement through cultural and social activities.

    • Excellence: Professional attitude to educational activity and enabling multi-disciplinary human development.

    • Eco-consciousness: Care of the planet, including environmental concerns and judicious use of resources. The practice of these attitudes would lead to an atmosphere of Freedom, Peace and Joy in our campuses.
  2. Our Education system should be value based. Agnel schools should specially concentrate on a culture of Personal Authenticity, Dialogue with all peoples and a Commitment to improve Society. We consider the apostolate of forming fully alive women and men who will live and work for others and contribute to the building up of a just and fraternal society, based on cooperation and collaboration, to be the need of the time in India today.
  3. We promote Academic Excellence for our children to be able to stand up in a global world, enabling them to live a dignified life.
  4. We have a conscious thrust to the Poor and Marginalized through specific Outreach programmes within the school and to the community around. Our Educational Institutions shall devise ways and means of conducting out-reach programmes to benefit the people of our immediate neighbourhood, especially of our priority groups, that is to say, moving out of the confines of our campuses and discovering new strategies to educate the so-called uneducable.
  5. We promote the local cultures and values, interacting with the people of the place. We specially promote the arts. We have a special concern to preserve the earth. We conscientise our children through concrete programs and lifestyle changes.
  6. We constantly evaluate and renew our educational personnel, methodologies and systems and put in place a structure for monitoring the same.