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The basis of the School’s Honour and Discipline Policy is the School’s philosophy that students are to be nurtured to develop personal integrity and mature behaviour to become self-confident individuals who will contribute significantly to the world in which they live. Disciplinary action will be fair and effective, based on clearly stated behavioural expectations and consequences. The School’s rules, and the consequences and procedures for their violation, will be disseminated and applied consistently to ensure that consequences are predictable. Parents will be notified of misconduct and of the ensuing disciplinary action.
Enforcement of the School’s disciplinary policy is the responsibility of the Principal. In order to be able to effectively carry out this responsibility, the Principal maintains the disciplinary records of students. The following is
a summary of the standards of behaviour shared by the Fr. Agnel School community.
1. Be honest in all matters. Lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarism, deceit, vandalism, and malicious mischief are serious offenses and will not be tolerated.
2. Fighting, intimidating, or threatening other members of a community will not be tolerated. Disrupting class through actions or words show lack of respect for the learning environment and for others, and is not acceptable.
3. Respect the religious, ethnic, social, and economic background, as well as gender of all members of Fr. Agnel’s community and the community at large. Disgraceful or prejudicial behavior based upon religion, race, gender, or ethnic background will not be tolerated.
4. Respect teachers and all other employees of the School. Students ought to show respect to their teachers and all other employees of the School. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, in or out of class.
5. Show personal responsibility and accountability. Truancy is not acceptable. All students are expected to attend their classes, mass P.T., assemblies, extra-curricular and athletic commitments, as well as all School meetings attentively and regularly.
Violation of these during School or at any School-sponsored activity will result in strong disciplinary action.