1. Any student who is involved in any breakage or damage to School property (accidently or otherwise) must report the matter to the Class Teacher.
  2. Students should take care of the property of the School. They should not scratch or write on the desks, chairs, walls or doors of the School, nor should they damage the property of others. Any damage to School property is to be remitted by the offender.
  3. All cases of willful damage to School property will make a student liable to pay for the replacement cost of the article; repeated cases of willful damage or negligence will render a student liable to stern disciplinary action being taken against him / her.
  4. Class Monitors/House Prefects must report all cases of breakage or damage (in event of no one owning responsibility for the breakage or damage) to the Class Teacher.
  5. The following offences will result in the issue of a red card by the Principal, to the concerned student which will lead to his/her suspension, at least for a fortnight in the first instance, and to his/her expulsion if the offence is repeated: stealing, cheating in a test/term; being in possession of unauthorized cash, willful damage to School property.
  6. Whether in the School or outside, students are expected to conduct themselves in conformity with the code of conduct prescribed in these Rules and Regulations. Any act of omission and commission which would adversely affect the reputation of the School will be deemed to be a breach of these regulations.